петък, 22 ноември 2013 г.

Pentax K-50 Review

The Pentax K-50 is an upper entry-level DSLR announced in June, 2013, as a replacement for the Pentax K-30.  The K-50 went on sale worldwide in early July.  In the US, $699 will get you the camera body, while $779 will get you the camera plus a 18-55mm WR kit lens.
Even though Pentax DSLRs don't receive nearly as much attention as those from Canon or Nikon, they still have many distinctive features that set them apart from the competition, and thus they should not be overlooked.  Like its predecessor, the K-50 is fully weather-sealed.  This means that when combined with sealed lenses*, the camera can be used with peace-of-mind even in adverse weather.  Pentax continues to be the only DSLR maker to offer an entry-level DSLR with weather-sealing.

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